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Artist: Rineke Nijssen
Product Code: RINS-diver
Availability: 1
Dimensions: 20cm x 30cm x 25cm

Price: €2.150,00

The Diver just jumped off a high rock, his body stretched long. His hands touch the water. It splashes glistening up and in his face. Rineke has placed the bronze statue Diver on a water table to enhance the effect of splashing water. But the statue can also stand on a stone in a pond or just inside in a beautiful place.

Unique bronze sculpture.
Sizes: 30 x 20 x 25 cm.

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Dutch Luxury Design trading under
A Thousand Elephants B.V.
0031 683 707830
Chamber of Commerce: 05068150
VAT: NL8102.56.708.B.02