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Karin Frenay

Karin Frenay

My paintings are free interpretations of forests, landscapes, gardens and flowers.

In my art I want to seduce the viewer to fall in love with the nature around us again. To make us aware again of the beauty and fragility of the plants, trees, flowers around us. By appreciating nature again, people are also willing to take care of it and make new choices. Nature helps us, among other things, to relax, to let go of daily stress and to recharge.
My paintings are made to bring this effect into your home.

I am mainly self-taught but have followed various trainings, workshops and courses from very talented artists over the past 30 years. I also followed various part-time courses at the art academy in Zurich and Wetzikon (CH). But most of it I taught myself.
My studio is in Haarlem. If you want to come by to see my work, feel free to contact me or check out my website.

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Dutch Luxury Design trading under
A Thousand Elephants B.V.
0031 683 707830
Chamber of Commerce: 05068150
VAT: NL8102.56.708.B.02