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Marion Bakker

Marion Bakker

Marion Bakker is a Dutch artist who has always been intrigued by painting, her grandparents painted and she found her passion during her art lessons at the Pedagogische Academie. She studied to become a teacher for children to teach them everything there is to discover and learn as a growing person, something she did for three years. After the birth of her daughter she deepened her knowledge of various painting techniques, followed lessons from various artists, got her own studio and during her first exposition in 1990 she sold almost all of her works. Creation is magic. Seeing something in “nothing”. And then communicate its sheer beauty. What is possible for Marion to express in words, she isn´t tempted to capture on linen as well. To her, painting is the most delightful way of expressing what she cannot say in words. Marion´s art captures the moments of grace when she experiences the true equality of her inner self with nature´s phenomena around her, unity of soul with her fellow creatures. This way the imperceptible is being shaped. Whenever Marion works on an abstract painting, she paints the experience, the new energy that came to be after this connection and makes that what cannot be perceived; figurative. Colours represent energies, show depths and determine the timbre. A new energy arises when Marion connects herself with the already created, like striking a match on a matchbox to induce fire. This new match delivers a new experience/a manifestation/a creation in time and space: like an authentic piece of art. Marion is aware of her mission in this live and she is connected with the true qualities such as, love, happiness, beauty, trust, honesty, compassion, self-confidence, respect, loyalty, openness, transparency, integrity, ethic, abundance and courage. She experiences fulfilment when she makes a positive contribution to the world through her being and her artwork.

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