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Product Code: JVDD-dancer
Availability: 5
Dimensions: 2.00cm x 80.00cm x 100.00cm

Price: €1.795,00

Dancer: After hesitating for a long time, she decided to take her clothes off for once. She, a dancer, trusted that she would become an unrecognizable creation. She moved gracefully in front of the camera, subdued and a little insecure.
As always, the artist tries to create a background that matches the mood of the figure. For this he used a pile of reinforcing steel, photographed long ago, and processed it digitally.
The background symbolizes the continuous movement of her as a dancer and her world in which she lives.

Fine Art Print in 12 colors, on high-quality foil on 4 mm dibond. Limited edition of 5. Finished with a semi-matte protective layer.
Sizes: 100 x 80 cm. With hanging frame.

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