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Salon Des Arts at SieMatic Flagship store in Amsterdam, March 2020

For our first edition of Salon Des Arts we teamed up with our partner Associates Des Arts and Associate SieMatic. Together we organize a true Art & Design Experience at the beautiful SieMatic Flagship store in the city centre of Amsterdam, which takes place from March - December. For Salon Des Arts, we thoroughly curate artists in order to blend the artworks seamlessly with the - in this case - elegant kitchen designs of SieMatic.


Pressrelease: March 2020.

It is now almost a tradition. The showrooms of SieMatic regularly take on a double function and show next to complete interiors also art of the same top level. This combination has proven successful since the opening of SieMatic at the Vondelpark in 2014. From March to December you can admire the work of no less than three talented female artists in SieMatic at the Vondelpark: Jos Out, Erlinde Boersma and Wil Lof.

Where in the past one artist has been put in the spotlight in the Vondelpark at SieMatic, this time there are no fewer than three: Jos Out, Erlinde Boersma and Wil Lof. This three women who have used their talent to create stunning works of art in their own fields: Jos Out in sculpting, Erlinde Boersma in mixed media and Wil Lof in painting.

Sculptor Jos Out depicts the concept of polarity in the softness of the image and hardness of the materials. "There is no day without night, or black without white. There is no situation in life where you cannot name two opposites," she explains. Out is the winner of the Prix d'Honneur du Salon Carrousel du Louvre 2011.

Mixed media artist Erlinde Boersma focuses on the human figure. "In my work painting and photography are inextricably linked. I am constantly looking for the right combination between these two media to bring in the viewer and let themselves be lost in the image."

As a former graphic and textile designer Wil Lof switched arts and decided to devote her creativity to full time monumental painting. She works with a special painting technique of layered series of transparent scenes, whereby the tone and composition of the image changes with the incident daylight or artificial light.

Please make an appointment to visit Salon Des Arts at SieMatic at the Vondelpark.

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Hobbemastraat 2
1071 ZA Amsterdam
T: 020 705 9910

Parking tip: Byzantium Q-Park, Tesselschadestraat 1G

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