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Concours Des Arts is a live exposition of various high-quality artworks and interior products, made by leading artists and product designers in our Studio Des Arts. Every quarter a new Concours starts with new items, including a festive opening and marketing campaigns so that invitees, visitors and other interested parties are always surprised again.

Studio Des Arts is located in the historic building 't Koopmanshuys in Buren. It is the work and visiting address of Dutch Luxury Design and Associates Des Arts. At this special location we receive our customers in a stylish manner and present the unique creations of our artists and product designers.

Raffle gift to visitors of Concours Des Arts
Visitors to our Concours Des Arts have a chance to win a gift.

For Q2-2021 this consists of an apple Touch of Nature 6 from Royal Blue Collection. Click here for more information about this apple.

At the end of each Concours Des Arts - the exhibition period of three months - we raffle one gift among the visitors who have left their name, address and email address details with us. We invite the winner to our Studio to receive this gift.
This gift is free. Participation in this raffle is without obligation. No rights can be derived from it and it gives Associates Des Arts the right to use visual material about the award ceremony.

Studio Des Arts

Voorstraat 1, 4116 BC Buren.

The opening hours are:
- Thursday 10-17
- Friday 10-17
- Saturday 12-17
- Sunday 12-17
- By appointment.

Participants Concours Q3-2021 current exposition
René Beaumont - Sculptures
Jet Bootsma - Relief prints
William Brand - Brand van Egmond - Lightsculptures
Hermien Buytendijk - Sculptures
Johan van Dreven - Digital Art
Zeiko Duka - Paintings
Jolanda van der Elst - Paintings
FRIEStile - Wall panels
Marlies Geldof – Mixed media
Theo Gerritse – Sculptures
Hadex - Interior Design Objects
Mieke van den Hoogen - Sculptures
Lieke Jongeneelen - Lampshades
Lutcia Marechal Lighting - Lightsculptures
Mieke Oldenburg – sculptures
Jos Out - Sculptures
Nicole Post - Paintings
Bianca Ruizendaal - Paintings
Tablez – Furniture
Ranko van Tricht - Furniture
Royal Blue Collection - Ceramic apples
Royal Delft - Ceramics
Valerie Tura - De Nobili - Sculptures and doorhandles
Albert Voges - Paintings.

Click on the picture below to see what Art & Design Objects are available during this Concours Des Arts in our Studio, or follow this link ->


Are you an artist or product designer and do you want to participate in Concours Des Arts?

Please contact us directly: +31 (0)20 2060830, or use the webform below.

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